HellArise is a metal band from São Paulo, since 2009. Trying to get all the different influences from each member in their songs, the result is an aggressive and mixed kind of music, that travels between Heavy, Thrash and Death Metal.

After a brief period and a few gigs playing covers, they began to compose their own songs and prepare to record a demo CD, with their first songs. This work was recorded between April and May, 2010, with Eduardo Murai, producer and friend of some band's members.

It includes four songs: "Liar", "Human Disgrace", "Deadfall" and "My Outrage", the last ones characterized by the mixture of grunts and clean vocals, by Morniëtári.

Several changes later, in 2012 the band had only Flávia Morniëtári on the vocals and Mirella Max, assuming the drums and guitars too. In the end of the year, they invited Renato Canonico, from Ancesttral band, to record and released the websingle "More Mindless Violence".

This single put the name HellArise back on track in the especialized media, receiving excellent reviews and being pointed out as one of the promises for 2013, by the renowned website Metal Samsara.

In the end of 2013, the band released their new EP, "'Functional Disorder', having already changed to mixed line-up and abandoning the proposal of being a "girls' only" band completely.

The work was released on October 31st and showed a musically more mature and creative band, but even so, more violent. A video for the single 'More Mindless Violence' was released along with it.

In 2014, the EP was bought to a physical form by a crowdfunding project, which was successfully accomplished with the help of the fans. And now, it's available on a deluxe digipack edition.

In 2015 the band releases the new unreleased single 'Darkened Flames', in mid-June and a new single, 'Shaded Land', on December 8th.

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